GVL International affairs - for producers

When marketing their sound recordings, labels no longer restrict their plans just to the German market. GVL acts along the same lines: We are not just partners of producers of sound recordings in Germany, but are also increasingly managing your neighbouring rights at international level - without charging anything extra for this service.

Our partner countries

GVL cooperates with at least one rights management organisation in the countries marked in red on the above map. Please click on a country or use our Q&A for further information. (Legend: CMO = collective management organisation)

How does this work? 

In the past few years, we have concluded representative arrangements with collective management organisations all over the world. This allows us to collect your money in a straightforward manner for onward payments to you. Our online portal label.gvl for producers and labels helps you to keep an overview and administer your rights in each of the relevant countries.

Overview on all representative arrangements

Do you have further questions regarding GVL International?

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