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Save the date: GVL Assembly of Rights Holders on 3/4 June 2021

18. February 2021. 

GVL will hold its next Assembly of Rights Holders on 3 and 4 June 2021 - this will be an online only event.

Every four years, during the GVL Assembly of Rights Holders, the GVL rights holders elect 22 representatives for the Assembly of Shareholders and Delegates, one of the most important governing bodies of GVL. Delegates are elected for the 15 group assemblies. All rights holders can participate in the Assembly of Rights Holders and the election of representatives.  

The invites for the virtual Assembly of Rights Holders 2021 will be dispatched to our rights holders in April.

Comprehensive information regarding the realisation of the virtual Assembly of Rights Holders and the electronic voting procedure can be accessed on our website from March onwards. This is also where you will find the presentations of the candidates for the delegate elections.


Would you like to stand for election?

If you wish to be listed as a candidate in one of the 15 group assemblies, you have until 20 May 2021 to submit your candidature. The elections in the group assemblies shall take place on 4 June 2021.

You can, however, already submit your candidature now, via We would like to expressly invite and encourage women to stand for election in their group assemblies. 

Please use the following template for the submission of your candidature application: Candidature in the performer category (german) resp. candidature in the producer category (german). The template includes all details that we require for a candidature from you. With regards to the presentations of our candidates, we also look forward to receiving a photo, a video with a maximum length of 1:30 minutes and/or a short, written introduction.  

Moreover, we would like to offer video conferences to give you the opportunity to “meet the candidates” in the week from 21-28 May 2021. During these sessions, GVL rights holders can meet the candidates of their group assemblies in person. We will inform you on the relevant dates in advance.

This article has been updated on February 26 2021.