Notes on how to submit notifications

Dear GVL members,

In order to be able to process the distribution as quickly and effectively as possible, your details are important.

So that we can process your notifications, we kindly ask you to take the following points into account:


If you already have submitted notifications in the categories (advertising, jingles, documentaries, docusoaps, music in radio plays) in the past years via the performer portal Artsys/meine.gvl.gvl, you do not have to resubmit these details. Notifications that you have already submitted and that are relevant for the years 2010 to 2014 shall be incorporated in the scheduled distribution for the years 2010-2014 in the 1st semester 2021. An overview of the notifications which you have already submitted via artsys/meine.gvl can be accessed in the portal via:  under "Registered" (Button).


Please capture your details in the form as accurately as possible. There is no option for retroactive corrections. Details that cannot be identified cannot be further processed by us.


You can submit 2 contribution registrations with the relevant usage per product. If you submit 2 registrations, one submission must be conducting and the other one performing.  Please complete a second registration with identical production title.


Please note that, in the case of acting or dubbing contributions, there has to be a change of roles which has been reported accordingly in the respective production script.  A change of roles occurs if you, during your artistic work performance enter into the figure of another person or another being. Representations as advertising testimonial do not count as an artistic performance in terms of the law on secondary exploitation. Basic rule: The contributions of a narrator are only relevant from a neighbouring rights perspective if they reflect an artistic interpretation of a work which can be protected by copyright. The mere rendition of a work protected by copyright is not enough. An interpretation is a shaping personal rendition with a proper artistic value which can incite mood or feelings. A significant indicator is the change of roles or identities of the narrator. The mere linguistic communication of factual information such as those transmitted by a news reader does not give rise to neighbouring rights of a performer.


Please submit meaningful evidence to your notifications. That means: Your name, the name of the production and your activity should emerge from the document. In the case of contributions as an actor, a dubbing actor or a narrator, evidence for the change of roles set out in the script must be provided (script excerpt). Since we must verify the submitted notifications in the interest of all rights holders, we kindly as for your help here. We are aware that this is difficult, especially for years that have long gone.


If you are an ensemble representative, please note the following:

  1. Please enter your GVL ID under personal master data as well as your personal details as an ensemble representative. We sent you your GVL-ID via email.
  2. For all notifications which you submit as an ensemble representative by using the form, a solidarity-based payout method will be applied.
  3. Please only use the function of “ensemble member (KKV)” if the instrumentation is  ≤ 16, otherwise please choose the function “choir member (KKV)” or “orchestra member (KKV)”.