How to earn money with GVL?

Are you a performing artist and your recordings are played on the radio? We collect about EUR 200m each year as a fiduciary collective management organisation for all GVL right holders and pay them their due remuneration. Your remuneration sources are rather diverse: Starting with income arising from radio or TV broadcasts, income spans across remuneration collected for public performance such as in bars or cafés, all the way to private copy levies for the sale of smart phones etc.

Everything you need to do to get paid: Enter into an online rights administration agreement  with GVL, free of charge, and inform us which productions you contributed to.

Register your contribution, it really is worth it - also in the long term!
Registering your contributions may also be worth your while if you had no recent production releases. After all, you may be due a remuneration each time one of your artistic productions is broadcast on the radio or on TV.