Information for heirs

Related rights also form part of deceased performers’ estates. Many heirs choose GVL for the management of such rights – and for a good reason …

The law protects such rights over a period of 70 years and they transfer to performers heirs – it is therefore possible that remuneration for such productions are paid out after a performers death: If the productions continue to be broadcast via radio or TV stations during the remaining term of protection under related rights, remuneration is due to you as the rightful heir. 

More than 140,000 performers worldwide have put their trust in us when it comes to administrating their related rights. If you are an heir of a deceased performer, we would gladly manage this task on your behalf.

How do I inform GVL of a legal succession case?

As an heir, you can continue an existing agreement for the assignment and administration of rights with GVL, or sign a completely new agreement. In order to honour your legitimate rights as a legal successor, we require the following documents from you:

  • Copy of the certificate of inheritance and/or a certified will
  • Copy of the death certificate
  • Copy of your ID card or passport
  • Your bank details

If there is more than one heir (community of heirs), an authorised representative has to be named. Please use the following form:

Here you can find information for Heirs for download and print:

How do I receive remuneration?

You inform us of the contribution of the deceased performer, e.g. in music or film recordings via our online portal MEINE.GVL. Please read our section contribution registration in order to find out how this is done.