General information

If you use works by performers or producers which are subject to protection under related rights legislation, you are obliged to pay fees for such exploitation. Based on Art. 38, Act on Collective Management Organisations, GVL issues tariffs for different kinds of exploitation - you can take a look at them here.

+++(16. March 2020)+++Dear rights users,

The spreading coronavirus currently leads to restrictions within many work processes. We will continue to work for you and are confident that we will continue to actively support you in the coming weeks in all matters and questions concerning your licensing agreements.
In order to be able to guarantee the smoothest possible handling of contractual matters of all kinds, we would like to point out that from now and for an indefinite period of time, we accept licensing agreements, supplementary arrangements in relation to the licensing agreements and other notifications or communications in text form (as e-mail, scan, fax). Excluded are documents that must be in writing (signed by hand). We would inform you of this separately.

Keep well!+++

The tariffs are published here. You can see the different areas where licence fees have to be paid for the usage of productions protected by related rights. The licence fees are collected by GVL in the name of the members (rights holders) based on each individual tariff. You can read about the deductions made from licence fee collections, including the deductions for covering out administration costs in our transparency report. The transparency report will be available to you in 2017 for the first time, from 1st September onwards and relating to the previous financial year.


GVL issues licences to broadcasters for the exploitation of commercially published sound recordings and music video clips via radio and TV, in accordance with the rights assigned to it for administration. Read more

Public performance

Communication to the public, or public performance, such as in restaurants, hotels or discotheques is also known as "Kneipenrecht" in Germany ("pub rights"). In line with the statutory remuneration entitlement, public performance is subject to a licence fee. GVL licences the usage in the name of its members vis-a-vis the rights users. Read more

Making copies

GVL issues licences for making copies of commercially published sound recordings and music video clips in certain areas pursuant to the rights that have been assigned to it for administration, e.g. to manufacturers of blank media and recording devices. Read more

Rental & lending

If a commercially published sound recording or a music video clip are offered for rental or lending, provided they have a profit-making purpose, remuneration entitlements arise for contributing performers, producers, event organisers or music video clip producers. In such cases, the party responsible for the rental or lending process must pay GVL such fees as raised by GVL for this kind of exploitation based on the "rental tariff". Read more

Web radio

The exploitation of commercially published sound recordings via web radios is subject to a fee. If you operate a web radio you must register with GEMA and GVL. Since GEMA and GVL represent different groups of rights owners, you need to acquire both licences in order to use the music. Read more

Additional forms of rights exploitation

If works protected under related rights legislation are used, GVL issues a licence in accordance with statutory provisions. Apart from the major exploitation areas already mentioned there are further areas which we have listed below. Read more