International affairs for performers

International affairs for performers

So they play your repertoire non-stop abroad? We make sure that you get your money for that. We're your international partner. We represent your interests beyond the borders of Germany and Europe. Unlike some other collective management organisations, GVL offers this service free of additional charges.

Currently, GVL has more than 50 international representation agreements for performers and producers and is always interested in promoting the exchange worldwide on behalf of its beneficiaries. Therefore GVL regularly negotiates new contracts with other collective management organisations.

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International rights management in four steps


Conclude a rights administration agreement

Sign an agreement for the assignment and administration of rights with us. You need to transfer your international rights to us.

After the conclusion of the rights administration agreement, we will give you access to the artist portal meine.gvl. You can log in to meine.gvl with your contract number and assign a password yourself.

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Submit your contributions

We recommend to submit your contributions as quickly as possible because a partial amount is paid out to you in the first three years already.

The full remuneration is paid at the end of the reporting period. This gives you three years for each distribution year to report your broadcasted participations. Everyone involved in a production process can be given sufficient time to report.

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GVL asserts your claims

If a performers recording is played on the radio e.g. in the UK, the Netherlands or in Spain, we make the relevant claims for payments and pass the collected remuneration on to the respective performer without any deductions.

The exchange takes place during every year, as our sister societies deadlines differ. 

The foreign collecting societies carry out their distributions. GVL has no influence on the calculations.

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Direct payment

We check all informations of incoming payments.

If we have stored, for example,  your current adress or bank details you will recieve a direct payment. GVL doesnt deduct any amount of international payments.

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International associations

The cooperation with various collecting societies is also manifested through cooperations with associations. SCAPR or AEPO-ARTIS provide valuable guidelines for international exchange.



SCAPR , the Societies’ Council for the Collective Management of Performers’ Rights was founded in 1986. SCAPR is a not-for-profit organisation based in Brussels, Belgium.

SCAPRs primary aim is to improve the efficiency of management of rights and the conclusion of bilateral agreements. The organisation develops strategies, formats and administrative systems in relation to collecting and distributing payments to performers’.

AEPO-ARTIS is a non-profit making organisation that represents 36 European performers’ collective management organisations from 26 different countries. The number of performers represented by the 36 member organisations of AEPO-ARTIS can be estimated at between 400,000 and 500,000.

Rights administration agreement

Current distributions

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