Contract documents

If you want to assign the fiduciary management of your rights to us, you need to sign an agreement for the assignment and administration of rights. There is no charge for signing an agreement for the assignment and administration of rights with GVL - it's free.

Once you have concluded the contract, you will receive the access data for the producer portal label.gvl. You can enter your repertoire and state which rights you hold in the relevant recordings. GVL receives the necessary information on broadcasts from selected radio and TV stations and can allocate the played recordings based on your information provided in label.gvl. Based on the broadcast minutes of each recording, the relevant annual pay-out is based on the distributable amount available for producers of sound recordings.

Linie TTH


We work closely with the German Music Archive (Deutsche Musikarchiv) which observes the statutory mandate to collect and store all music published in Germany.  We therefore gladly pass on the request that all labels should send the German Music Archive a set of two copies for each of their releases free of charge.

I would like to sign an agreement for the assignment and administration of rights with GVL

  1. Please complete the online form below. After completion you will receive an e-mail with with the completed agreement documents. Please read the included checklist listing all necessary documents and evidence for the conclusion of the representation agreement, e.g.: supporting documentation for your business (business registration or an excerpt from the companies' register).
  2. Please sign all required application documents received by e-mail and send them to us by post. Please also include the label registration which is part of the PDF package sent to you after completion of the below online form. It is important that you complete and sign the agreement for the assignment and administration of rights and return it to us in duplicate. Please sign and return the German version of the representation agreement. An English version for your information can be found here: representation agreement for producers of sound recordings in English.
  3. We then check the documentation you sent us. If the documentation provided by you is complete, we shall allocate a label code to you. This code serves as a uniquely identifiable indicator for your label.
  4. The rights administration agreement is concluded when we return a copy of the rights administration agreement to you, countersigned by us.

Label registration




Please note: In order to conclude the rights representation agreement as a producer of sound recordings with GVL it is absolutely mandatory that you can name and prove your rights ownership of at least one [commercially] published sound recording including the name of the performer and the title. Without indication of these details under "details on the ownership as a producer of sound recordings", "Sound recording evidence", it is not possible to enter into a rights representation agreement.

Providing a link to a streaming platform or digital distribution platform here is not sufficient!

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Managing Director

My company details have changed - how can I inform you?

You can change your contact, address or bank details directly in our producers' portal label.gvl.  When informing us of any additional changes to your company data, please do so in writing, with your signature. Why not use one the following templates:

Changes to company data – producers of sound recordings

Tax form producers of sound recording

Do you wish to gain comprehensive insights on the income and administration cost structure at GVL?
Individual and general deductions from the collections arising from rights including the principles governing the deductions for offsetting administrative costs shall generally in accordance with the cause of the cost. Further details are currently in our annual report. Please have a look on our annual reports here. From 1 September each year, GVL will provide a comprehensive transparency report where you can read about all important information relating to collections and deductions.

Up to 5% of the revenue available for distribution may be used for cultural, politico-cultural and social purposes. Guidelines for politico-cultural allocations can be accessed here. Non-distributable collections from the rights will be dissolved and included in supplementary distributions on an accrual basis. Collections arising from rights shall be considered as non-distributable if the identity or whereabouts of the rightsholder could not be established within three years after the financial year has lapsed where the remuneration was collected for the relevant rights and if GVL had undertaken the necessary steps to establish the rightsholders.