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Online rights administration agreement for performers

If you wish to assign your rights to us for their fiduciary administration, you need to enter into a rights administration agreement with us. Entering into such an agreement with GVL is free of charge. You may also choose in which countries you want us to manage your performers’ rights and collect your remuneration. We will guide you through the registration process in just a few steps using our online form. 

After your details have been reviewed and the contract has been successfully finalized, you will receive access to our artist portal meine.gvl. You will then be able to report your participation in artistic productions.

Do you have further questions? Then take a look at our FAQ!

I would like to issue a power of attorney

You have the option to issue a power of attorney to a third party, whether that's a person, a company or a law firm, so that they may represent you for your GVL related matters. A power of attorney may be issued to cover the following areas: entering into agreements, exchanging correspondence and receiving remuneration. Please use the following form:

Power of attorney for performers

My address or bank details have changed - how can I inform you?

When you inform us of any changes to your personal data, please do so in writing and sign the relevant documents. You can inform us of your requested changes by post, fax or e-mail – but please don’t forget to provide us with your GVL contract number; you can find our contact details in the infobox on the right hand side.

Any changes to your address, bank details or any other personal data may only be communicated to us in writing as we require your original signature to provide legal certainty. That way, we can ensure that any important information and bank transfers reach their due recipients. Why not use one of our following templates:

Changes to your personal data

Tax form A

Tax form B

What do I need to consider when moving abroad?

Please inform us in writing when you are planning to move abroad – ideally, you use our form "Changes to your personal data". Once we learn about your intentions, we shall promptly send you forms to clarify your tax liability and to inform us of changes to your bank details.

Do you wish to gain comprehensive insights on the income and administration cost structure at GVL?

Individual and general deductions from the collections arising from rights including the principles governing the deductions for offsetting administrative costs shall generally in accordance with the cause of the cost. Further details are currently in our annual report. Please have a lokk on our annual reports here. From 1 September each year, GVL will provide a comprehensive transparency report where you can read about all important information relating to collections and deductions.

Up to 5% of the revenue available for distribution may be used for cultural, politico-cultural and social purposes. Guidelines for politico-cultural allocations can be accessed here. Non-distributable collections from the rights will be dissolved and included in supplementary distributions on an accrual basis. Collections arising from rights shall be considered as non-distributable if the identity or whereabouts of the rightsholder could not be established within three years after the financial year has lapsed where the remuneration was collected for the relevant rights and if GVL had undertaken the necessary steps to establish the rightsholders.

I have questions regarding my personal data and tax situation


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