Event organisers

We look forward to being your partner when it comes to representing the rights of event organisers for artistic performances.

Why not sign a representation agreement with GVL, register your contributions as an event organiser to productions via our online portal artsys.gvl and receive remuneration in the course of our annual distribution if your productions have been used by radio or TV broadcasters? 

For our event organisers for artistic performances we mainly represent secondary rights. Those include primarily the claims to remuneration from private copying levies. As far as primary rights such as reproduction, distribution and broadcasting live recordings as well as online rights are concerned, the collective management organisation Veranstalterrechte mbH the bdv, is in charge. GVL has agreed on a joint collaboration with the bdv (Federal Association of the event organisers’ industry registration association) in January 2012.

Businesses in charge of the organisation and operation of an event, commissioned by radio or TV broadcasters, aren't event organisers in the sense of GVL's definitions. Only those organisers who carry all the risks and initiate an event can receive the respective remuneration.