Reproduction (ZPÜ)

Reproduction licenced by ZPÜ

For a significant portion of licensing reproduction/copying rights, GVL has assigned a collection mandate to ZPÜ (Central Collection and Distribution Organisation for private copying rights). ZPÜ is an association of nine German collective management organisations which asserts claims for remuneration, information and reporting related to reproductions/copies of audio and audiovisual works pursuant to Art. 53 paragraph 1-3 German Copyright Act vis-a-vis manufacturers, importers and distributors of devices and storage media whose type is either used as a stand-alone or in connection with other devices, storage media or accessories for making such copies.

GVL issues licences for making copies of commercially published sound recordings and music video clips in certain areas in accordance with the rights that have been assigned to it for administration, e.g. to manufacturers of blank media and recording devices.


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