Producers of sound recordings

We represent producers of sound recordings

If you are a producer of sound recordings, you have come to the right place: We manage your rights as a producer in Germany and abroad. More than 12,000 producers of sound recordings have entrusted us with the management of their rights.

We are your partners, whether you're  a major or an indie label, and we cover genres from classical music via pop to jazz and beyond.

GVL is here for you - it's really simple: Sign a GVL representation  agreement. Register your tracks via our online portal label.gvl. Get your remuneration paid in the course of our annual distribution, if your productions have been used by radio or TV stations.

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Changing personal details (master data)

How does GVL operate and how can I earn money through it?

Neighbouring rights, private copying, Collecting Societies Act: sounds complicated? Maybe Daniela Hoffmann, known for dubbing Julia Roberts, among others, and one of our 160,000 members, can shed a little light into the GVL process (in german):
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How does GVL work? Dubbing actress Daniela Hoffmann, German voice of Julia Roberts, explains. About us

Five steps to remuneration


Release production

You release an analog or digital music- or video production.


Representation agreement

Conclude your  representation agreement with GVL.

With that, you automatically apply for your labelcode with a access date to the online portal You can find a online version of the representation agreement here:

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Usage reports

Broadcaster report used recordings to the GVL.

We examinate them in order to hand out remunerations.

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Report repertoire

Register your repertoire at label.gvl.

We can only pass on your remuneration entitlements and claims once you have provided the corresponding details.

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Once you have successfully registered your repertoire, GVL can process your contributions and

pay you within the usual distribution cycles once your recordings have been used. If you have questions, we are happy to help you at

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Non-assignable broadcast reports

Under the Collecting Societies’ Act, GVL is obliged to publish all usages of sound and audiovisual recordings whose rights holders could not be clearly identified. The following lists contain usages of the last years, which we could not allocate to any repertoire registration.

Kopfhörer Mann

Track-by-track payment

GVL pays out remuneration to producers of sound recordings based on the broadcast minutes reported for each individual recording. This means that the higher the rate of exploitation of your recordings by radio and TV stations, the higher your remuneration entitlement. Each distribution year, we analyse more than 34 million broadcast minutes, or airtime, in order to be able to pay out equitable remuneration to you for the exploitation of your repertoire. The different calculation factors of the remuneration levels are not determined by GVL. At the Assembly of Rights Holders, all rights holders elect Delegates who decide on the distribution plans.
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International revenue for producers

As far as marketing their sound recordings is concerned, labels no longer limit their strategy just to the German market. GVL acts along the same lines: We are not just partners of producers of sound recordings in Germany, but are also increasingly managing their neighbouring rights at international level - without charging anything extra for this service.

News and events

Here at GVL, it is important to us that our rights holders understand the work of GVL. Whether you attend a practice-oriented workshop or a digital online seminar, face-to-face events or current news and discussions.  You can click here for our event details and current news for producers. 


Private copying, rental and lending

Here, you can access information on the modification of the accounting systems for remuneration entitlements from the rights categories private copying (ZPÜ) and rental and lending as well as on the Federal Government's reduction of VAT.

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Are you looking for documents and forms?

GVL representation agreement and label code

I want to register repertoire

Changing personal details (master data)


Questions and answers

Do you have questions about the work of GVL, about distributions, claims, label.gvl or other topics?
Here are our FAQs for producers.


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Aside of our GVL-Homepage, wie offer several publications, which you can read online or download as PDF files right here.

Contact for producers

We're happy to help!
You will reach us on moday to thurstay between 9:00 and 5:00 p.m. and on friday between 9:00 and 2:00 p.m. (CET).