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Associates' and Delegates' Assembly convenes for summer meeting

GVL's ordinary Associates' and Delegates' Assembly (Associates' and Delegates' Assembly) met on June 10, 2024.

Among other things, the year-end accounts and the 2023 transparency report were received and adopted at the meeting. In addition, the Associates' and Delegates' Assembly supplemented the list of channels to be evaluated in the 2023 distribution plans.

Detlev Tiemann, Chairman of the Associates' and Delegates' Assembly, explains:

Detlev Tiemann
Photo: Michael Reinhardt

"The annual summer meeting of the Associates‘ and Delegates’ Assembly is always a key date in the calendar for delegates and associates. The year-end accounts are one of the most important topics on the agenda: the Associates' and Delegates' Assembly was very pleased with the positive business results for 2023. The 26 committee members also voted in favor of continuing the Ukraine aid and adjusted the distribution plans for 2023. I would like to thank all committee members for the constructive discussions and productive exchanges."


The Associates' and Delegates' Assembly is GVL's core body. The four shareholder representatives and 22 delegates are responsible for ensuring that the interests of the rights holders are safeguarded. (Information page on the committees of GVL here)

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