International affairs for producers

International affairs for producers

When marketing their sound recordings, labels no longer stick just to the German market. GVL acts along the same lines. We are not just partners of producers of sound recordings in Germany, but are also increasingly managing your neighbouring rights at an international level –  without charging anything extra for this service.

Currently, GVL has more than 70 international representation agreements for performers and producers and is always interested in promoting worldwide exchange on behalf of its rights holders. Accordingly, GVL regularly negotiates new contracts with other collective management organisations.

Looking for international representation agreements?

International rights management in four steps


Enter into a rights administration agreement and register online with GVL

Sign an agreement for the administration of rights with us and assign your rights for places outside of Germany to us.

After the conclusion of the rights administration agreement, we will give you access to the producers portal label.gvl. You can log in to label.gvl with your contract number and assign a password yourself.

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Register your repertoire

Register your repertoire via the label.gvl portal.

Your full remuneration is paid at the end of the reporting period. This gives you three years for each distribution year to report your broadcasted contributions.

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GVL asserts your claims

Due to the international assignment of rights, you can also receive foreign distributions.


To do so, please upload your repertoire by 31 December of the corresponding year.ear.

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Direct payment

We check all information about incoming payments.

If we have your details, such as your current address and bank details, you will receive a direct payment without any deductions from your remuneration.

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IFPI is the voice of the recording industry worldwide. IFPI and its National Group network represents the interests of some 8,000 members across the globe.

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Parallel Distributions

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