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Dear rights holders,

By using the attached form, you can have the option to propose broadcasters to us which you would like GVL to analyse even though they do not meet the usual financial criteria (pursuant to Annex 8 “criteria for the selection and weighting of broadcasters subject to analysis” of the GVL distribution plan, e.g. distribution plan for 2017, page 41). This is possible in cases where the broadcasters transmit, to a large extent, niche repertoire or productions with a particularly high cultural value which had not been transmitted by the existing broadcasters subject to analysis.

Please note that a mandatory requirement for broadcasters to be accepted for analysis is that the broadcasters must also meet the minimum requirements for the transfer of detailed broadcast reports to GVL. We would additionally like to draw your attention to the fact that the increase of the number of broadcasters subject to analysis by GVL in lower remuneration segments may lead to a reduction of the broadcast minute value which is the basis for determining the distributable amounts, and may increase the administration costs of GVL.

We are happy to check your proposals and present them with respect to being accepted into the list of the broadcasters subject to analysis and paid out by GVL to our Assembly of Shareholders and Delegates for decision making. As such, we can only take your proposals into consideration for the current usage year but not retroactively. Please provide as many details with your proposal as possible. We hope you understand that not all of the broadcaster proposals can be taken into account due to the reasons mentioned above.

Whether a broadcaster has been accepted will be reflected in the updated version of the distribution plan in the 3rd quarter at

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