Radio/TV extra formats

Distribution of Radio and TV extra formats (formerly "open budgets")

In 2021, for the first time the GVL distributed royalties for productions that fell into the pool of budgets that had not yet been remunerated and were therefore still "open". In the interest of a timely release of reserves in favor of the beneficiaries, the boards of the GVL have decided, in coordination with the DPMA, to distribute these remunerations in full in a simplified procedure.

These are comparatively small sub-budgets, which account for less than 3 percent of the total distribution volume of the GVL for artists per year of use, and for which we are unable to provide usage reports from the TV and radio stations. The distribution amounts result primarily from private copy levies and are only settled once as part of a final distribution. Since budgets are now distributed on a regular basis rather than being outstanding, the respective productions are now referred to as "Radio/TV extra formats."

These include: 

  • Radio jingles (station promos) 
  • Radio advertising 
  • Music in radio plays 
  • Television docusoaps 
  • Individual television contributions (e.g. as performances in entertainment shows) 
  • TV jingles (station promos) 
  • Television advertising 
  • Documentary cinema films on television (cinema productions that have also been broadcast on television) 
  • Television documentary productions (produced for television) 
  • Title and background music (for all of the above, except for documentary productions) 


The reporting deadline for 2019 ended on June 30, 2023, and distribution took place together with the final distribution in the fourth quarter of 2023. Currently, reports can be submitted for the year of usage 2020 up until the 30th of June 2024.

To make it easy for you to submit your reports, within the reporting period you will find an online form under the menu item "Radio/TV extra formats" in your portal at my.gvl. There we can record your contributions using a simple online form. The alternative of making the production data for the ten different sub-budgets available in full via the portal would unnecessarily delay the distribution of funds and would be considerably more cost-intensive.

We have compiled extensive questions & answers (FAQ) for you on the topic of "Radio/TV extra formats" and your reports, and will update them on an ongoing basis. Please familiarize yourself with the reporting procedure in order to avoid incorrect or irrelevant reports.

Reporting instructions

  1. Log in to my.gvl as usual with your contract number and password. The menu item "Radio/TV extra formats" will automatically redirect you to the notification form. Your personal details will already appear in the form. The notification form is only available in German, please use the glossary with the English translations to complete it.   
  2. Provide the information on the respective production and select the broadcaster(s) and the broadcast frequency. Then enter the nature of your contribution(s) to the production. 
  3. You can submit a maximum of two contribution registrations per production. If you submit two contributions, one entry must be instructional (e.g. as "artistic producer") and the other one must be a performing role (e.g. as "instrumental musician"). Exceptions to this are the sub-budgets „Individual television contributions“ and „Music in radio plays“, where only a single contribution is possible. The same applies to participation reports by choir-/orchestra representatives, who can report only one contribution in a performing role. 
  4. If you have made multiple contributions to sequels or series in terms of a production, please send us a notification as a bundle for each year, not for each individual episode. This concerns the sub-budgets individual television contributions, docusoaps and opening title and background music. Please also be sure to follow the instructions listed here.  
  5. Please note that in the case of acting and dubbing, there has to be a change of roles which has been reported accordingly in the respective production script. A change of roles occurs if you, during your artistic work performance enter into the figure of another person or another being. Performances as advertising testimonials do not constitute an artistic activity within the meaning of the Secondary Exploitation Act. Rule of thumb: The contributions of a narrator are only relevant from a neighbouring rights perspective if they reflect an artistic interpretation of a work which can be protected by copyright. The mere rendition of a work protected by copyright is not enough. An interpretation is a shaping personal rendition with a proper artistic value which can incite mood or feelings. A significant indicator is the narrator’s change of role or identity. The mere linguistic communication of factual information such as those transmitted by a news reader does not give rise to neighbouring rights of a performer. 
  6. If possible, upload proof of your participation. Since we have to check the submitted reports in the interest of all beneficiaries, we ask for your assistance here. Attach as meaningful evidence as possible. This means: your name, the name of the production and your activity should be recognisable on the document. In the case of acting, dubbing and voice-over work, the change of role specified in the script must be proven (script excerpt).   
  7. Please enter your information in the form as carefully as possible. Subsequent corrections are not possible. We cannot process information that cannot be identified.  
  8. You will then receive a confirmation email with the information you entered in the form. Please keep this mail. Reports that you have submitted via the form will NOT be documented in the "Registered" section of the my.gvl portal. 
  9. We will check your reports. If we have any queries regarding your reports, we will contact you directly by e-mail.