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You're a musician, an artistic producer or a conductor? An actor, narrator, literary or music video clip director, dancer or singer? We're here to manage your neighbouring rights for you – the performer.

GVL is here for you – it's really simple: Let us take care of your neighbouring rights, about 150,000 artists from Germany and all over the world have already chosen to let GVL provide this service to them. Read on to find out exactly what kind of rights we manage and how remuneration is generated.

After joining us by signing our so-called-GVL representation agreement, free of charge, you can report your contributions to productions via our artists' portal artsys.gvl. This enables you to receive remuneration in the course of our annual distributions.


Development of the available distributable amount (artists)

as of January 2018 incl. amounts held in

Development of the available distributable amount (artists)