Current deadlines & target dates

Current deadlines & target dates

Please be advised that we depend on your contribution registration to distribute renumerations among our rights holder. To submit your contribution registration, please use our performer portal my.GVL.

  Registration deadline* Distribution**
Final distribution 2017/2018 : Was on 28/02/2022 4th quarter of 2022
Sound Recordings with extension
of the term of protection acc.
to §79a (Repertoire 1963/64)

(more Information):
Was on 31/03/2022 2nd quarter of 2022
Open budgets 2017/18
(more Information):
30/06/2022 4th quarter of 2022


* Please note that we cannot guarantee a verification - and consequently a payout - for constribution registrations that are submitted after the communicated deadline.

** Very important! Please understand that, at this time, we cannot commit to provide binding details on the month of the scheduled distribution. We coordinate a multitude of distribution-related steps for our various rights holder groups (performers, producers of sound recordings and event organisers). Since in this process, some of the same resources are required, we cannot exclude that small delays occur beyond the end of the month.


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Currently planned distributions

Here, you can view our distribution schedule for the current year.