Your path to remuneration

How can I earn money with GVL?

If you are a performer and contribute to productions which are actively used, or rather, broadcast you are entitled to the corresponding remuneration pursuant to the Act on Copyright and Related Rights. We help you to manage them collectively.  Fast, hassle-free and above all free of charge!

The only think you need to do is to enter into a rights administration agreement with us online and then notify us of your contributions via the performer portal my.GVL.

You can find out how this all works here, for example the media types we analyse and the rights holder groups we look after.


Only four steps to remuneration


Conclude a rights administration agreement

Sign a rights administration agreement with us.


Once you have completed the form, we create your agreement and send it to you electronically. Please sign the document and return it to us via e-mail. That’s it! This way, you register for our online portal my.gvl and also automatically receive your access details and your personal contract number.

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Registration via our performer portal

Register via our portal meine.gvl.


Once you have concluded the rights administration agreement, we set up your access to the performer portal. After that, you can logon with your contract number at my.gvl and choose your own password.

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Submit your contributions

Submit your contributions via meine.gvl.

Search your productions in the production search in the performer portal and let us know how you contributed by providing the respective details. We recommend that you submit your contributions as quickly as possible because a partial amount of the respective distributable amount is paid out and to you in the first three years already. Even if you submit a notification at the respective final distribution, you do not suffer from any financial disadvantages.

At the end of the notification period, the full remuneration amount is paid out. You therefore have a period of three years to notify us of your contribution to productions that have been broadcast. This way, all performers participating in a production have enough time to submit their notifications.

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Process & Remuneration

Now it’s your turn!

We check that the information you provided is complete and correct in order to turn your contributions into money.

If your productions were used in the broadcasters that we analyse, you automatically receive remuneration regularly.

For more information on the distribution modalities, please follow this link.

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Music productions

In the case of music productions in different media sections, we distinguish between sound recordings, broadcast excerpt recordings, music video clips and stage productions and the following relevant contribution types:

Conductor artistic producer instrumentalist (solo, band/ensemble, studio, orchestra)
Singer (solo, band/ensemble, background/studio, choir) studio conductor artistic narrator/raconteur
Stage director music video clip producers music video clip creators

Please note: Should you have an ensemble representative, they usually take care of the contribution notifications for you.

Music productions entertainment music

Entertainment music & agencies team
Monday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm
Friday from 9am to 2pm

Music productions classical music & ensembles

Classical music & ensembles team
Monday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm
Friday from 9am to 2pm

Film & TV productions

If you are a performing artist, you can notify the following contribution types in audiovisual productions that qualify for distribution purposes:a

Actor stunt double/stunt performer dubbing actor
Dubbing artist in an ensemble artistic narrator/raconteur dubbing director
Literary director dancer (solo, ensemble)  


Film & TV productions

Actors & dubbing team
Monday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm
Friday from 9am to 2pm

Literary productions

In the case of category literary productions, we distinguish between radio plays, readings, children’s programmes, features and cabaret programmes as well as small literary formats. Small literary formats are defined as spoken contributions with a short work and/or broadcast duration such as comedy pieces or short readings. The following activities are relevant in this context:

Literary director

Artistic narrator/raconteur

Please note: Messages about music in literary productions belong to Radio/TV extra formats.

Radio literary productions

Radio and spoken word team
Monday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm
Friday from 9am to 2pm