Alexander Warnke

Delegate of the category Producer of sound recordings

alexander warnke-gvl-profilbild

Professional focus

International management of neighbouring rights for performers and producers of sound recordings

Member of the GuDV / in the Board since


Why did you become a GVL Delegate?

As General Manager of PRO Agency GmbH I represent neighbouring rights of our own repertoire as a producer of sound recordings and the repertoire of third parties. We represent more than half a million recordings and are members resp. affiliates in more than 60 collective management organisations and music licensing companies worldwide.

With this knowledge, I have approached GVL with criticism and suggestions for improvement time and again throughout the last few years, among others as a co-initiator of the petition #fairchangeGVL. Now I would like to actively contribute as a Delegate to changes and improvements.

As a representative of your category, what do you support in particular?

  • Improvement of the IT systems
  • Modification of the distribution rules for more fairness and transparency
  • Extension of the rights managed by GVL regarding digital exploitation methods
  • Adherence of the distribution deadlines / More transparency regarding international income