Angelo D‘Angelico

Delegate of the category Music directors and artistic producers

gvl delegierter

Professional focus

Music producer and sound engineer

Member of the GuDV / in the Board since

Moved up at the end of 2019

Why did you become a GVL Delegate?

Payouts from permitted private uses must be paid through to the corresponding rights holders. As a delegate, it is my duty to check this.

As a representative of your category, what do you support in particular?

Distribution fairness and control of addressing the payouts correctly.

Why is GVL an important organisation in the music and film business?

The government decided to restrict the self-promotion rights of performers, to permit private uses without the need to obtain a licence and have this covered by lump-sum payments. In this system, GVL plays a central role. Externally, by collecting fees effectively which allows fair blanket tariffs for uses, internally, by passing on the collected remuneration to the rights holders in a transparent, fair and just distribution with little administrative costs.