Corona support

Corona support from GVL

Are you here for the first time and would like to apply for the performers’ advance? Please note the following

Rightsholders who are employed exclusively on a freelance basis or on a short-term basis and who have suffered a loss of fees due to Covid-19-related event or production cancellations can apply for corona support relief from GVL. The relief consists of a one-off grant of 250 Euros as part of the social deductions/grants of GVL and optionally of advances for performers. The advances relate to the distributions 2015-2019. This was only possible for applications submitted until 30.04.2020, however you can still apply for the Corona emergency relief.

A prerequisite is that the applicants have participated in at least one regular distribution of GVL. In addition, proof of cancellation of the event or production must be enclosed (confirmation/cancellation by the organiser or production, proof of loss of earnings).

Have you already received the Corona emergency relief (EUR 250)? Please note the following

Rightsholders who have already applied for corona relief will receive a separate set of information from GVL via email. You are asked to inform us if you do not wish to use the advance payments. The 250 Euros already received remain yours and do not have to be offset or repaid.