Dr. Nils Bortloff

Delegate of the category Producer of sound recordingsn

nils bortloff-gvl-delegierter

Professional focus


Why did you become a GVL Delegate?

Following my long-term membership in the Board and tariff committee, I have been able to provide GVL and therefore all members with important impulses. Years of experience reflect my appreciation for the work of GVL. I am aware of my responsibility towards all producers as a representative of the biggest producer of sound recordings and am happy to bring this to the new GVL structure, along with my own experience.

As a representative of your category, what do you support in particular?

“Consistency but also flexibility”. I support the following goals: Asserting our claims vis-à-vis the users of our music, increasing the collections and their distribution. GVL is only as strong as we help make it. Just like before, a cooperative collaboration between all producers and all performers remains a vital ingredient. Because we’re only strong together. My election is going to ensure that our “togetherness” continues, and I would like to continue to stand by GVL with my experience.

Why is GVL an important organisation in the music and film business?

It safeguards adequate remuneration for producers of sound recordings and performers in the mass exploitation market.