Frank Röth

Frank Röth


Professional focus

Actor (Film/TV) with the main activity area narrator for dubbing, radio plays, audio books and VoiceOver commentaries


Member of the GuDV / in the Board since



Delegate of the category

Dubbing actors and word performers


Why did you become a GVL Delegate?

Together with Claudia Michelsen, I positioned myself in public with a critical stance vis-à-vis GVL at several occasions. Following that, many colleagues contacted me resp. encouraged me to submit my candidature for the Board; I think if you have the option to contribute to changes and improvements “from within”, you should do so.


As a representative of your category, what do you support in particular?

  • I still see the IT sector as the one area with many unresolved issues.
  • Transparency when it comes to decision-making could also be improved.
  • On a positive note, it now seems to be possible to stick to the announced payout schedules.
  • Especially in the dubbing sector, the orders now consist of up to 80% from the streaming sector (Netflix, Amazon, Disney Channel etc) it is vital the these portals are also included in the “exploitation cake”. This is an existential issue, in the medium term for performers and for GVL itself.
  • As this is not an internal issue at GVL, it is important that the legislator has to be influenced at political level. Even if this is going to be a long-term process , I would like to contribute to raise this topic continually and to make a start at least.


Why is GVL an important organisation in the music and film business?

GVL has become more and more important to performers over the last few years. Due to the constant decrease of the salaries and the near complete discontinuation of repeat fees in the audiovisual sector, the GVL payouts have become a rather vital, additional economic and financial factor for many rights holders.