Hendrik Menzl

Delegate of the category Instrumental soloists and featured performers pop music

hendrik menzl gvl delegierter

Professional focus

Consultant/advisor for performers, pop music

Member of the GuDV / in the Board since


Why did you become a GVL Delegate?

Pop musicians need a strong representation of their interests within GVL.

As a representative of your category, what do you support in particular?

  • A fair distribution between pop and classical music.
  • In a digital era, the radio minute can no longer act as the sole basis for distribution
  • More transparency for performers
  • Better international rights collection
  • Simple registration procedures via a modern online platform
  • Less bureaucracy
  • Regular, reliable and quick payouts

Why is GVL an important organisation in the music and film business?

Musicians must benefit from the value chain of the works the creation of which they were a part of. GVL makes a very important contribution in this respect.

Foto: Timo Roth