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Dr Till Völger is the new Shareholders’ Representative of the BFFS

Change is afoot in the group of the Shareholders’ Representatives at GVL:
Dr Till Völger supersedes Bernhard F. Störkmann in his role as BFFS representative, as scheduled, at the beginning of June 2021. The relay handover takes place during the 2021 Assembly of Rights Holders which takes place on 3 and 4 June digitally.
Dr. Til Völger © Kornelia Boje
Dr. Til Völger © Kornelia Boje

Dr. Tilo Gerlach, Managing Director of GVL commented: “Till Völger has been a strong support to us for seven years as a delegate. In that function, he has been representing the interests of dubbing actors and narrators, but in addition to that he also kept an overview of GVL as a whole.  Völger, a lawyer specialised in copyright, also gets to the bottom of complex issues and interconnections of GVL tasks. Against this background, we are very pleased that we continue to have Till Völger on the side of the Shareholders’ Representatives in the Assembly of Shareholders and Delegates.”

Dr Till Völger: “I hope that I can represent the interests of creatives now from another, more expanded perspective, just as Bernhard F. Störkmann used to do it in the past. I would like to thank him very much for putting his trust in me when passing his position on to me and also for his work that he has done as the previous Shareholders’ Representative of the BFFS in GVL. GVL will be facing crucial questions in future, for which we must and will find solutions, in a constructive dialogue, and I am looking forward to that.”

Apart from the German Orchestra Association (DOV), the Federal Association of the Music Industry (BVMI) and the Association of Independent Musicians and Music Companies (VUT), the Federal Acting Association (BFFS) is the fourth shareholder of GVL.