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GVL payout in 2020 close to €280 million

Despite the exceptional year due to corona, GVL distributed €278.4m to its rights holders. There were nine distribution runs in total.

“We are pleased that we could act as a constant factor from a financial perspective for many of our performers and producers in a year which could hardly have been any more unsteady”, as pointed out by Guido Evers and Dr. Tilo Gerlach, Managing Directors of GVL. “We carried out all regular distribution runs as scheduled and were able to allocate advances and corona support payments to our rights holders. We are proud of that.”

In the course of the initial distribution for the 2019 distribution year alone, nearly 100,000 rights holders received their remuneration. In total, there were nine pooled distributions, the corona relief scheme was paid out in parallel (see chart). About 8,000 rights holders (mainly performers) benefited from this immediate emergency relief from the social funds of GVL. GVL thus made available about €2m for the short-term support of rights holders in financial distress.

Just to compare: In 2019, GVL paid out €219.1m to its entitled producers and performers. 

The effects of the corona pandemic are likely not to be felt prior to 2021 due to the statutory distribution cycles once the collections from 2020 are allocated to the GVL rights holders. The GVL Managing Directors added: “Our income has, despite major changes in individual collection segments, remained relatively stable due to significant back payments for previous years.”

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