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New representation agreements for recording producers in Spain and Finland

GVL has signed bilateral agreements with the collecting societies AGEDI and GRAMEX FIN.

In addition to the already long existing treaties for our performing artists, GVL has expanded its rights portfolio in Spain and Finland entering new agreements with AGEDI and GRAMEX FIN.

“We are excited to have won two new territories for our recording producers. This enables us to now also assert their rights there and pay out remuneration directly to them. “
dirk löwenberg-gvl-bereichsleiter
Dirk Löwenberg, Director Member Services Recording Producers & Promoters

Producers of sound recordings with a corresponding GVL mandate will receive their remuneration for the use of their repertoires in both countries via GVL - becoming retroactive effective from the year 2020 on.  

GVL currently runs more than 70 international representation agreements for performing artists and recording producers and is always interested in promoting the worldwide exchange with sister societies on behalf of our rightsholders.  

Weltkarter Hersteller Spanien Finnland

Here you can find out with which international collecting societies GVL has concluded representation agreements.

Information for our rightsholders 

If you have already granted GVL a worldwide mandate, you do not have to do anything further. All newly acquired territories are automatically included in the rights management. 

You want to extend your mandate? You can easily do so in case you are the rightsholder for Spain and Finland, with a few clicks via our online portal.  à Link zum Onlineportal 

Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any further questions about international rights management for producers of sound recordings at