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Performers: 2017-2020 subsequent distributions launched

Today, GVL initiated the payouts of additional remuneration for the distribution years 2017 to 2020.

Overall, GVL distributes 35.8m euros to performers and their legal successors in the course of a subsequent distribution

The distribution will be concluded with the final distribution where additional monies will be paid out which had not been claimed by the performers within the given deadlines. Since we now have a better understanding regarding the scope of the claims for which we must put money into reserves, we were able to increase the payout amounts significantly. 

What this means for the performers is that the amounts which otherwise would have been paid out in the final distribution can be transferred now. As a consequence, the final distribution will be lower than in previous years.

Especially with a view to the challenges we are facing due to COVID-19, we hope that we can support our creatives even more with this.

You can access information on our distributions, their distribution schedule for 2022 and a link to frequently asked questions on our homepage via distribution & distribution plans for performers.


Where do I find information on my remuneration?

Your payout notifications (PN) will be stored, as usual, in your my.gvl account: Log in at with your access data. In the menu under “services”, click on “my data” and then on “payouts”. Under “remuneration”, the respective detailed report/statement will be stored in the coming two weeks. Legal successors usually get their payout notification by post.

Please note: With regard to the revenues of the first and subsequent distributions, the amounts in question are always sub-totals. The final remuneration for the relevant distribution year will always be calculated as part of the final distribution once the registration phase spanning several years has lapsed. Against this background, it is possible that there will be offsets in the subsequent distributions.


If you have any further questions, our support team will be happy to assist you