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SCAPR Meeting in Berlin

The SCAPR Working Group Meetings took place from 25 to 28 September 2023. The GVL hosted the event.

More than 100 international guests from the SCAPR associates met in Berlin to discuss the many aspects of international cooperation. 

Dr Tilo Gerlach, Managing Director of the GVL, draws a thoroughly positive conclusion: "The SCAPR week was a complete success. In many different working groups, our guests and we exchanged information about current legal, economic and technical conditions in different countries and agreed on further developments of the SCAPR community and cooperation among the SCAPR societies. We exchanged knowledge and impulses with colleagues, which are also valuable for the further development of our GVL and in international cooperation with sister societies."  

During this week, the various working groups looked at technical, economic and legal topics:  

  • The Legal Working Group exchanged views on the legal framework and developments, especially in the markets of the SCAPR companies. Challenges around data protection and AI were also discussed there.  
  • The agenda of the Technical Working Group included the further development of the SCAPR databases and interfaces as well as the improvement of data quality in international exchange. 
  • The Database Committee focused on the further development of common data platforms and the planning of the roadmap for the coming year.  
  • The Cooperation and Development Working Group discussed measures to promote the rights of perfoming artists and to support local collecting societies in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America. 
  • In parallel, the Business Operations Working Group (BWG) looked at operational issues such as the intensification and optimisation of international exchange between the sister societies.  

On Wednesday and Thursday, the SCAPR Board met, where, in addition to strategic discussions, the recommendations of the working groups were adopted.  

We thank our guests for the good discussions and the intensive exchange.

"SCAPR" is the umbrella organisation of the worldwide collecting societies of perfoming artists. Read more here