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Shareholder and Delegates of GVL adopt the 2022 distribution and budget plan

Last Tuesday, GVL held its Assembly of Shareholders and Delegates (GuDV). Apart from resolutions regarding distribution plans and rights administration agreements, the grants for 2022 were also approve during the meeting which took place according to its regular schedule.

A central agenda point of the November meeting was the adoption of the project and budget plans for the coming year by the 22 Delegates and the representatives of the four shareholders.  On top of that, the core committee of GVL was informed about the current status of 2021 distributions and the distribution planning for 2022 (more detailed information to follow).

Against the background of the copyright reform, the GuDV resolved the modification of the rights administration agreements for performers and producers. As such, due to the new Act on Copyright Responsibility of Service Providers for Sharing Online Content [Urheberrechts-Diensteanbieter-Gesetz, UrhDaG], new remuneration arises for specific online uses which will be taken into account in the rights administration agreement in future. Rights holders will be informed in good time about these and other modifications in the rights administration agreements.

In the course of the meeting, the distribution plans were also adapted and adopted.  Among others, the distribution in the context of the term of protection extension pursuant to Section 79a is now taken into account in the distribution plans (more information on this here) 

GVL is also going to support cultural institutions and individual projects in the course of cultural-political grants.  Following the decision of the GuDV, 46 projects were approved. An additional four promotions have been confirmed by the GuDV in earlier meetings for the coming year.  Apart from organisations such as Initiative Musik and the German Music Council which have been supported on a long-term basis, GVL is also going to promote Opus Klassik, the Themis  Vertrauensstelle [confidential counselling centre] and the Association Klassik in der Klinik [classics in clinics].

More about the GVL committees (in german)

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