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Successful launch of NEUSTART KULTUR at GVL - first scholarships granted

Since 9 August, freelance artists or project-based performers can apply with GVL for the scholarship programme of the collective management organisations, NEUSTART KULTUR which has been set up by the Federal Ministry for Culture and Media. GVL has now paid out the first scholarships.

Update 27.09.21: The application portal has been closed early because the funds have already been exhausted due to the number of applications.

As early as at the end of August, i.e. in much less than four weeks after the launch of the application period, GVL managed to pay out the first scholarships to creatives. With the scholarship programme NEUSTART KULTUR, GVL and the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM), Monika Grütters, are reviving the creative and culture industries.

The Federal Minister for Culture and Media Monika Grütters commented: “We are happy to cooperate with the collective management organisations at NEUSTART KULTUR, because they have direct access to the creative people we want to reach. The funding from this scholarship programme can be used for artistic projects and further training, thus particularly helping freelance and project-based artists who have been hard hit by the pandemic. They make an important contribution to preserve the cultural diversity in our country.” 

Apply now!

Freelance artists or performers who work for the duration of a specific production can apply online via the application portal, specifically set up by GVL, under for a scholarship of €5,000.  Independent juries of experts decide on the scholarship allocation. They process the applications in the order of receipt.

What the scholarships actually support

Apart from artistic performances, the scholarship programme also supports research projects or further vocational training are also supported. The stipend will be paid out in the case of a scholarship grant as soon as possible and is set up for four months. The application deadline for the scholarship programme NEUSTART KULTUR is running up to 19 September 2021. 

Further information on NEUSTART KULTUR can be found here:

You can reach the application portal of GVL here: 

Note: On 2 September 2021, GVL dispatched a press release on this topic which you can read by following this link

Foto: Elke Jung-Wolff