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Transparency Report and Digital Annual Report for 2022 published

For the third year running, we are publishing our digital annual report under “GVL 2022 – facts, figures and more”.

In this edition, we are looking back on a rather eventful 2022. GVL income has significantly exceeded our expectations with an amount of €235.4m in 2022. When looking back on the three COVID-19-years, GVL managed to navigate its way through the challenging times of the past years rather successfully. At the same time, we used this period to undertake crucial steps regarding the technical and organisational development of GVL.

Read “GVL 2022 - facts, figures and more” and find out about:

  • the most important key operating figures and KPIs of GVL for the 2022 financial year in an informative overview,
  • how we direct the strategic development of GVL, always in close contact with our committees and rights holders,
  • moving events and encounters in the industry.

Get to the digital edition of “GVL 2022 – facts, figures and more“ with just one click. Those among you who wish to dive deeper into the business numbers of GVL, can download our Transparency Report 2022.

Enjoy your read!