GVL 2022
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GVL - in sound and image

As a joint society, GVL appeals to a rather large audience. So that we can explain our daily business and make the context even clearer, we use a multitude of information formats and media. Our videos of the series “GVL explains” and infographics are particularly well received; we published quite a few of them in 2022.

Infographic: International affairs shown at a glance

GVL represents your neighbouring rights worldwide. Our infographic shows how this works. Rights holders must grant GVL the mandate to manage their international rights to benefit from this service. This way, GVL can claim production used all over the world and pay on to its rights holders.

GVL International ENG

Infographic: Data types at GVL

Our new infographic shows which data is ingested into the GVL databases and processed so that the money collected is turned into remuneration for our rights holders. There are two data types at the centre of the process: The usage and production data as well as individual details of our rights holders.

Data types GVL

Video: Producer of sound recordings and GVL

The fourth video of our series “GVL explains” is about producers of sound recordings. This time, we explain what GVL is doing for sound recordings. We explain what producers of sound recordings can do in order to obtain remuneration. The voice over for the video comes from Arianne Borbach, the German voice of Catherine Zeta-Jones or Cate Blanchett.
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Video: Performers and GVL

In the fifth and last of our videos “GVL explains”, we provide information what our performers need to do to receive remuneration from GVL. We also focus on how remuneration is actually calculated or the use of GVL as a one-stop-shop. The video was recorded using the voice of Johannes Raspe, the German voice of Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Pattinson.
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