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Ukraine support for performers and labels affected by the war

Soon after the attack on Ukraine it became clear to us that we take a clear stance against the war as participants of the creative sector. 

Below is the statement of GVL Managing Directors Guido Evers and Dr Tilo Gerlach:

We are shocked and extremely concerned about Russia’s attack on Ukraine. We are shaken by the fact that another war is raging in the middle of Europe. We are worried about our fellow human beings in Ukraine - among them many creative people and their families. Our hearts and thoughts are with the incredibly brave people who are also defending our own democratic values and freedoms there at the risk of their lives.
GVL-We stand with ukraine-DJR22
Guido Evers and Dr. Tilo Gerlach, general management GVL

Together with our committees, we decided to let deeds follow words and create a financial Ukraine support programme for the performers and producers affected by the war in addition to our grants.

Against the background of the war continuing to rage, the GVL Assembly of Shareholders and Delegates (GuDV) consequently approved the introduction of a financial support scheme for Ukraine as part of the GVL cultural benefits programme in the course of its regular summer 2022 meeting.

Some of the supported projects from many categories and for various recipient groups are:

Musicians Defend Ukraine is a charity funds which supports musicians at the front with humanitarian supplies such as protective equipment, clothing and medicine.  The initiators of the project are the managers of a Ukrainian music label and studio.

Chamber music festival in the Hall of Mirrors at the Lviv National Opera with musicians from various regions of the Ukraine. The festival took part as a series of concerts in seven instalments. Pieces by Ukrainian composers were performed.

Weplay4ukraine is a donation platform which collects donations to provide humanitarian support and for rebuilding Ukraine.  In a joint appeal for donations, more than 300 musicians from 200 European orchestras and cultural institutions as well as opera choirs from Odessa and Bonn gathered for a performance.

The charity concert “Heart of Ukraine” was held at the Berlin Philharmonie in October 2022, organised by the Berlin “Ukraine Forum reg.ass.” in the presence of the Ukrainian ambassador and the GVL management. Concert proceeds were sent to a refugee shelter in West Ukraine to make it winter-proof.

Herz der Ukraine 02
Charity concert “Heart of Ukraine” in the Berlin Philharmonie in October 2022. (Photo: Roman Obst)