Annual Report


Initiative Musik in the year 2020

Since the middle of last year, Initiative Musik, whose main associate is GVL, has been contributing several sub-programmes to NEUSTART KULTUR, which is the rescue and future programme of the Federal Government for the culture and media sector.

Initiative Musik gGmbH

GVL has been involved since the foundation of Initiative Musik in 2008 as the main associate and is supporting the intensive promotion of young talents and venues together with the German Music Council, GEMA and BKM. Initiative Musik promotes professional performers, not only when they are building their careers in Germany but also when they are entering the market and establishing themselves abroad. The central promotion and support institution of the Federal Government and the music business for the German music industry also facilitates the national expansion of sustainable structures for rock, pop and jazz.

Since 2020, Initiative Musk has been contributing several sub-programmes to NEUSTART KULTUR, which is the COVID-19 rescue package of the Federal Government. The promotion of performers and the preservation and strengthening of the music infrastructure in Germany are the focus of these programmes. NEUSTART KULTUR sub-programmes for music clubs, for event organisers and festivals support the live music sector which has been particularly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, so that they may enrich our cultural lives again in the very near future.

Since the beginning of October 2020, Initiative Musik has been run by a duo of Managing Directors: Ina Keßler and Tina Sikorski are now jointly dedicating their time to the increased range of tasks at Initiative Musik.

We are delighted to welcome Tina Sikorski on board at Initiative Musik. Her arrival is proof of the impressive path Initiative Musik has taken in recent years. Apart from the promotion of young German musicians, many central issues have recently been added. They can now be tackled jointly and with double the energy by the new team of Managing Directors. GVL will support the new duo in word and deed.
Guido Evers und Dr. Tilo Gerlach
Guido Evers & Dr. Tilo Gerlach
Managing Directors of GVL