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Successful launch of NEUSTART KULTUR - first scholarships granted

Berlin, 02 September 2021 Since 9 August, freelance artists or project-based performers can apply with GVL for the scholarship programme of the collective management organisations, NEUSTART KULTUR which has been set up by the Federal Ministry for Culture and Media.

With the scholarship programme under NEUSTART KULTUR, the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media and GVL would like to help creatives who are severely restricted in their artistic work by the COVID 19 pandemic to make creative use of the current situation. Freelance artists or performers who work for the duration of a specific production can apply online via the application portal, specifically set up by GVL, under for a scholarship of €5,000.  Independent juries of experts decide on the scholarship allocation. They process the applications in the order of receipt. GVL managed to pay out the first scholarships to creatives at the end of August. 

Monika Grütters, Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM): 

“We are happy to cooperate with the collective management organisations at NEUSTART KULTUR, because they have direct access to the creative people we want to reach. The fund-ing from this scholarship programme can be used for artistic projects and further training, thus particularly helping freelance and project-based artists who have been hard hit by the pandem-ic. They make an important contribution to preserve the cultural diversity in our country.”  

Apart from artistic performances, the scholarship programme also supports research projects or further vocational training are also supported. The stipend will be paid out in the case of a scholarship grant as soon as possible and is set up for four months. The application deadline for the scholarship programme NEUSTART KULTUR is running up to 19 September 2021. 

Further information on the scholarship programme of the collective management organisations in NEUSTART KULTUR can be found here:

About GVL: Those who render artistic performances or create the respective financial basis for the latter must receive money for the exploitation of their performances. GVL, the society for the admin-istration of neighbouring rights, captures and manages such exploitations. GVL pays the fees it collects on a fiduciary basis e.g. from radio and TV stations and for the communication to the public (e.g. in restaurants or cafés) to its members in the form of a remuneration each year. More than 160,000 performers, producers of sound recordings and audiovisual recordings, music and music video clip producers as well as event organisers have placed their trust in GVL on a global level - and thus make GVL one of the biggest collective management organi-sations and music licensing companies for neighbouring rights in the world. Shareholders of GVL are the German Orchestra Association (DOV), the Federal Association of the Music In-dustry (BVMI), the Federal Acting Association (BFFS) and the Association of Independent Musicians and Music Companies e.V.(VUT). 

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Zitattafel mit Kulturstaatsministerin Monika Grütters
Foto: Elke Jung-Wolff