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Amended distribution plans published

At the meeting of the Shareholders and Delegates on 23 November 2021, the distribution plans were amended. An overview of all changes.

In the course of the Assembly of Shareholders and Delegates, the distribution plans were amended for several distribution years and adopted as such. You can access the updated documents and forms under documents and forms
We have summarised for you what has been amended in the following:

  1. Modifications against the background of the copyright law reform: Remuneration from all forms of “retransmission” will in future be taken into account (amendments regarding the wording, deletion of the term “cable retransmission”)  
  2. Distribution open budgets 2017ff. (“Form-based solution”): The notification by the rights holders themselves (“form-based solution”) will also be applied to 2017 and the following years (detailed information on the “open budgets”)
  3. Distribution of the remuneration from the term of protection extension (Section 79 a UrhG, German Copyright Act) The basis of the distribution rules for the remuneration arising from the extension of the term of protection for performers (Section 79a UrhG) from distribution year 2014 onwards were defined (detailed information on the term of protection extension under:
  4. Regional “windows” (broadcast slots): The rules for regional and sub-/partially regional windows shall apply to all programmes from distribution year 2013 onwards (Annex 8).
  5. Redetermination of the channels with cultural factor B (diversity channels): Due to an improved data situation, cultural factor B can be allocated again from distribution year 2016 onwards (Annexes to the Distribution Plan No. 2 for performing artists)
  6. Radio broadcasters’ own productions music (NTT): In the radio broadcasters’ own productions sub-budget “music private channels”, private broadcasters with a minimum of 10 transmissions will be taken into account for the distribution (applicable from distribution year 2016 onwards). As a consequence, the channel Antenne Niedersachsen will be added to the analysis.

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