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Detlev Tiemann confirmed as chairman of the GuDV

In the course of the ordinary Assembly of Shareholders and Delegates, GVL also welcomed six new delegates and 16 re-elected delegates in the core body of GVL.

The election of the representatives for more than 160,000 rights holders took place during the Assembly of Rights Holders on 4 June 2021. 

In its first meeting, the GVL Assembly of Shareholders and Delegates confirmed Detlev Tiemann, singer in the choir of the Hamburg Staatsoper, for the position of Chairman.  Tiemann has been active in the governing bodies of GVL since 2000, holding positions such as Board member, member of the Distribution Committee and Chairman of the Tariff Committee. Tiemann’s deputies are Andreas Klöpfel (COO & CFO Central Europe, Warner Music Group) and Tonio Bogdanski (CFO Central Europe, Universal Music Group).

Detlev Tiemann stated: “I would like to extend my thanks for the trust placed in me by the delegates with this re-election as Chairman. I am very much looking forward to continuing the work we have begun. At the same time, I am curious to see the impulses and perspectives which the newly elected delegates will bring to the Assembly of Shareholders and Delegates. The mix between long-standing and new representatives will enrich the work at committee level and help take GVL further along its journey.”

Detlev Tiemann, chairman of Assembly of Shareholders and Delegates (photo: Stefan Wieland)

Detlev Tiemann