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GVL signs representation agreements for actors with France and Argentina

GVL is expanding its rights management for actors abroad to include two further countries and is entering into agreements with both ADAMI in France and SAGAI in Argentina for the bilateral exchange of remuneration.

Actors who have mandated GVL for the corresponding territories, will receive their prospective remuneration for the use of their rights in France and Argentina via GVL (with immediate effect). Both agreements apply retroactively from 2017.

Sandra Klammer, Head of International Affairs, on the conclusion of the agreements:

"After many years of successful representation of the rights of recording artists and producers in France by GVL, we are very pleased, that the operational exchange with ADAMI for audiovisual productions can now also begin after several years of negotiations. Through the signed representation agreement with the Argentinian SAGAI, we are now also opening up the South American continent for the first time for our entiteld actors."

GVL currently has more than 60 international representation agreements for performing artists and producers. We are always interested in promoting the worldwide exchange with sister societies on behalf of our rightsholders.

Information for our rightsholders

If you have already granted GVL a worldwide mandate, you do not have to do anything further. All newly acquired territories are automatically included in the rights management.

For extending your mandate, please use our form "International transfer of rights to GVL".

Do not hesitate to contact our Team International Affairs in case of further questions regarding the international rights management (contact details below).

Any questions about the new representation agreements for actors?

Our next GVL Talk for actors and actresses will take place on 9 February. This provides a great opportunity to interact directly with our colleagues from the rightsholder member service. Just register here via our homepage.



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The international affairs team is happy to help you with any queries on international rights management by GVL.