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GVL on tour internationally

In May, GVL colleagues were guests at meetings of the international umbrella organisations of collecting societies and creatives.

The most important events in the international calendar of events include the General Assembly of the International Confederation of Performers' Rights Societies (SCAPR) and the meeting of international producers' representatives in the Performance Rights Committee (PRC Meeting): Both meetings took place in May and GVL was present as one of the leading societies.


Burkhard Sehm, Kristin Schneider, Peter Buchheit (GVL)

From 15 May to 18 May 2023, GVL Managing Director Tilo Gerlach and Directors Legal and Business Affairs Burkhard Sehm, together with colleagues from the international department Peter Buchheit and Kristin Schneider, attended this year's SCAPR General Assembly in London. The agenda included the presentation of KPIs on representation agreements, the IPD (International Performers Database) and the VRDB (Virtual Recording Database), reports from the working groups and adjustments to the SCAPR statutes. In addition, younger collecting societies from Israel, South Korea and India presented themselves to the auditorium and answered questions. 
During the event, our team was able to conclude new representation agreements with FKMP from South Korea and AMANAT from Kazakhstan.

Further negotiations were held with Poland (SAWP), Serbia (PI), Iceland (SFH) and Spain (AISGE), among others, which we will now conclude soon in order to be able to claim remuneration for our performers even more comprehensively abroad. 

Tilo Gerlach sums up: "The programme of this year's SCAPR GA was also extremely enriching due to the various panels on, among other things, the development of the radio and television market. We sincerely thank the PPL for hosting the event and look forward to the next SCAPR General Assembly 2024 in South Africa and the host SAMPRA, the South African Music Association."


GVL bei der SCAPR 3
Azamat Tleuzhanov (AMANAT, Kasachstan), Tilo Gerlach (GVL) and Malika Balmagambetova (AMANT)
GVL bei der SCAPR 1
Dave Lee (FKMP, Südkorea) und Tilo Gerlach (GVL)


Twice a year, international representatives of the record companies and their collecting societies meet at the Performance Rights Committee under the umbrella of IFPI International. This year's spring meeting took place in Dubai on 24 and 25 May 2023 and was also aimed at drawing the attention of the government of the United Arab Emirates to the economic power of the music industry and establishing a corresponding organisation there.

Almost 100 participants from around 50 different collecting societies from all over the world, the major companies and large indies took part in the PRC. GVL managing director Guido Evers was accompanied by his team Thekla Merchert, Dirk Löwenberg, Christoph Gruschwitz and Burkhard Sehm. 

On the first day, the participants had an intensive exchange in workshops on current licensing topics and best practices in database cooperation such as RDx (Repertoire Data Exchange). On the second day, KPIs and forecasts for the coming years were presented. Economically, the GVL is one of the top three collecting societies in Europe; worldwide, including the USA, it ranks fourth. The work of the GVL receives corresponding attention in the international context. In numerous bilateral meetings on the fringes of the conference, the GVL was able to discuss a multitude of operational issues with its partners from the industry.

Guido Evers sums up positively: "The regular joint look at economic and legal developments as well as technical solutions for data exchange provides valuable and fruitful impulses for all participants. At the same time, the PRC offers the opportunity to shed light on and improve the challenges of the work of modern collecting societies with the record companies." 


GVL PRC Meeting 2

AEPO-ARTIS Generalversammlung

Also in May, the General Assembly of the European umbrella organisation for perfoming artists (AEPO-ARTIS) met, with Tilo Gerlach attending as President. In the context of the General Assembly, the conference "Four Years of the Copyright Directive" also took place in Brussels.