Annual Report


In dialogue with GVL

Over the past years, we have been working intensively to improve our processes, portals and data. A lot has already been achieved at GVL. Some of it is still being implemented, while other crucial items are yet to be realised next year. To talk about this suitably and to inform about the modernised processes in a comprehensive manner is part of this learning process at GVL.

The focus of our work is always on the interests of our rights holders. We maintain a constant exchange with them as well as with our shareholders and delegates. We seek a constructive discussion to continuously optimise our systems, processes and communication. GVL responded to many questions and the productive criticism by intensifying its communication and expanded the dialogue with the rights holders and other stakeholders.

Apart from already established channels, a variety of new formats now ensure that communication is tailored to target groups and events:

  1. GVL news: Regular and latest information is available to our rights holders via, meine.gvl, label.gvl and via personal mailings. Last year, we launched a comprehensive relaunch of our website in order to update our public online services, combined with a functional design, to the latest state of technology. Additionally, we publish the “GVL inside” newsletter each quarter with various GVL topics for all those who are interested.
  2. GVL seminars: By holding new and practice-oriented workshops and online seminars, we ensure that our rights holders understand the work of GVL better. This is where you can obtain free information on various practice-oriented topics concerning GVL.
  3. GVL talk and regulars’ tables: Last year, we added the “GVL Talk”, a digital dialogue event for GVL rights holders and it resonated well with the participants. In this target-group-specific format, rights holders have a live exchange with our team members from the relevant departments. In addition, GVL also answered to its shareholders and partners at the digital regulars’ tables.
  4. GVL explains: Since last year, GVL has also increasingly placed an emphasis on explainer videos and infographics in order to bring the GVL topics closer to its rights holders.
  5. GVL on social media: Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram - if you are on social media, you can find out more about GVL on these channels since the end of 2020.
I was really happy about the good feedback on the three regulars’ tables with the members of the BFFS. Overall, several hundred actors and dubbing actors took part in the three virtual regulars’ tables in early summer 2020. A circle of participants which we probably never would have reached in the case of a face-to-face, on-site event here in Berlin. My colleagues and I thought it was absolutely great to be able to experience so many rights holders live and to get to talk to them.
sandy backhaus-gvl-bereichsleiterin
Sandy Backhaus
Manager of the Rights Holders’ Service | Performers