Inheritance - report your contributions and receive payments

Report contributions as a heir


As an heir or community of heirs, you must also report the contributions of the deceasedperformer. The basis is the notification of the inheritance and an existing management contract.

The deceased did not have a contract?

Report contributions

If the inheritance has been reported and a Rights administration agreement is signed, you can report your contributions of the deceased performer.

We recommend that you report your contributions as soon as possible, because a partial amount will be paid out to you in the first three years.

You report contributions via the performer portal meine.gvl. What you have to consider when reporting can be found on below.

Die GVL unterscheidet in drei Medientypen. Folgend finden Sie Informationen, um die künstlerischen Leistungen des verstorbenen Künstlers gezielt zuzuordnen um die Mitwirkungen zu melden.

Music productions

When it comes to music productions in various media sections, GVL distinguishes between sound recordings, radio live recordings and stage productions.

If you are a performing artist, you may submit your contributions as follows:

You have the option to register your productions yourself, or have an authorised representative do this on your behalf via our database, meine.gvl.


Are you a permanent member of an ensemble (orchestra/choir/big band)? In that case, the ensemble representative you elected will take care of the registrations for all permanent members of your ensemble. If there is no representative for your ensemble, please register your contributions as an individual artist.Our teams entertainment music & agencies as well as classical music & orchestras are happy to support and advise you - their contact details are shown in the info box on the right hand side.

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Team entertainment music & agencies

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Film & TV productions

As a heir of a performer, you report your contributions to audiovisual productions relevant for distribution.

Actors, dubbing actors or artistic narrators, literary or dubbing directors, dancers or stunt performers may find films and series as well as stage productions on our online portal meine.gvl.

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Literary productions

In the category literary productions, we distinguish between radio plays, readings, children’s programmes, features and cabaret programmes as well as small literary formats. Small literary formats are defined as spoken contributions with a short work and/or broadcast duration such as comedy pieces or short readings.

Please use our online portal meine.gvl in order to register your contributions to literary productions or small literary formats which are relevant for distribution.

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