Our members

Our members

We are proud of you, our members. Every day you accomplish something that's new, artistic and creative – and we proudly support you. Who else can claim that they collaborate with 160,000 performers and over 12,000 producers of sound recordings all over the world?

Art knows no borders

If you are a performer, a label, an event organiser and/or a music video clip producer, and have acquired neighbouring rights in the course of your artistic activities as set out in Art. 73 German Copyright Act, you are eligible for rights administration. It doesn't matter what nationality you are – art knows no boundaries.



We're passionate about such a wide range of artistic groups. That's what makes our mission so exciting. Day in, day out.
  • Conductors
  • Soloists
  • Band musicians
  • Orchestra performers
  • Studio musicians
  • Artistic producers
  • Speakers and narrators
  • Video clip directors
  • Video clip producers
  • Solo and choir singers
  • Actors
  • Stunt people and stunt players
  • Dubbing actors
  • Voice actors
  • Dancers
  • Record manufacturers
  • Labels
  • Organizers
  • Word and dubbing directors

You are performer?

You are producer?