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GVL supports AI initiatives in the creative industry and welcomes AI Act

GVL is committed to a fair approach to artificial intelligence in the creative industry.

"Our task is to support creative people in their work," emphasise GVL Managing Directors Tilo Gerlach and Guido Evers. "Only if the creative industry sticks together and speaks with one voice can we jointly influence the consequences of the use of artificial intelligence - e.g. for music or voice generation. Together we are strong!"

GVL supports its rights holders in international associations, legal discussions and vis-à-vis legislators and points out challenges and legal loopholes.

In this context, GVL is involved in two powerful initiatives: the Rights Owners' Forum and the Copyright Initiative. The organisations involved in these initiatives are calling on legislators to regulate the use of artificial intelligence more strictly and to protect rights holders.

Negotiations in recent months have centred on the so-called AI Act, which was agreed by the EU Council, EU Commission and EU Parliament in December. GVL welcomes this first regulation on artificial intelligence worldwide:

"For us, it is an absolute priority to closely monitor the impact of AI on the economic basis of creative professionals and their partners. The AI Act is a first, very important step - especially with regard to the transparency obligation for AI providers," say Tilo Gerlach and Guido Evers.

Since September, GVL has also been supporting the international Human Artistry Campaign (to the news).

Our task is to support creatives in their work.
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GVL Managing Directors Tilo Gerlach and Guido Evers

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